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A bald eagle lands in the snow at the edge of the Chilkat River, near Haines, Alaska. In this area is the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, where thousands of bald eagles gather to feast on the last runs of coho and chum salmon—a globally unique phenomenon. (Sergei Uryadnikov / Getty Images)
Press Release October 31, 2023

Groups Challenge State of Alaska Over Flawed Mine Water Permit

Regional groups seek tougher standards to protect Chilkat Watershed from Palmer Project wastewater

Equipment used to mine cryptocurrencies and powered by the Scrubgrass Generating Plant.
feature September 12, 2023

Cryptocurrency Mining in Pennsylvania

Cryptocurrency companies are burning waste coal, shredded tires, and fracked gas.

Press Release September 25, 2023

Earthjustice Files Lawsuit to Clean Up Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant Sewage Discharges into the Pacific Ocean

Hawai’i County must comply with the Clean Water Act to prevent discharged wastewater from contaminating Honokōhau Harbor

From the Experts July 12, 2023

As the International Seabed Authority Meets, It’s Time for Us to Protect our Oceans from Untested Mining

Earthjustice is standing alongside a diverse group of nations, conservation organizations, scientists, and Indigenous groups, and urging the ISA to stand strong against corporate mining interests and declare a moratorium on deep seabed mining.

A bald eagle lands in the snow at the edge of the Chilkat River, near Haines, Alaska. In this area is the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, where thousands of bald eagles gather to feast on the last runs of coho and chum salmon—a globally unique phenomenon. (Sergei Uryadnikov / Getty Images)
Press Release August 21, 2023

State of Alaska Upholds Weak Mining Wastewater Permit While Requiring Additional Safeguards for Water Quality in the Chilkat River Watershed

In a partial win for the Chilkat Indian Village, salmon and conservation groups, additional water quality analysis is now required to safeguard against mining

Document September 25, 2023

Hui Mālama Honokōhau v. County of Hawai’i for violation of Clean Water Act at Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant

September 25, 2023. Defendant County of Hawai‘i (“Defendant”) has been violating, and continues to violate, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, also known as the Clean Water Act (“CWA”), 33 U.S.C. §§ 1251 et seq., by continuously discharging treated sewage from the Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant
(“Kealakehe WWTP”) into the Pacific Ocean—a water of the United States—via groundwater without the required National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System (“NPDES”) permit.

Press Release July 31, 2023

Public Comments Sought For Lahaina Wastewater Facility Clean Water Act Permit

Ocean advocates to host educational event on August 5th at Hawai‘i Wildlife Discovery Center

A manatee swimming in Florida’s Crystal River. In 2021, over a thousand manatees in Florida died and more than half of those deaths were due to lack of their chief food source, sea grass. Sea grasses cannot survive the excessive levels of nitrogen and phosphorus flowing into lagoons from areas such as industrial farms, golf courses, and heavily landscaped developments. (Greg Amptman / Shutterstock)
feature April 14, 2023

Florida & Puerto Rico

What happens in Florida and Puerto Rico informs climate, energy, and environmental policy across the country.

In the News: CAL Matters August 22, 2023

Hidden Hazards: Toxic Waste in California

Angela Johnson Meszaros, Managing Attorney, Community Partnerships Program, Earthjustice: “It can’t be that a system that’s held together at best by bubble gum and baling wire is the thing that we’re doing in a developed nation to manage hazardous waste.”

In the News: Miami Herald September 2, 2023

We deserve a zero-waste future, not another incineration nightmare

An opinion piece by Dominique Burkhardt (attorney in the Florida office of Earthjustice) and Dr. Selma Garcia (resident of Doral and a member of the grassroots advocacy organization Florida Rising).

Firefighters work to extinguish a fire at the Covanta Energy incinerator in Miami, which started on Feb. 12, 2023, and burned for nearly 3 weeks. As of Mar. 2023, firefighters had
extinguished the full blaze but left a team on site to suppress any new smoldering. Incinerator staff continue to haul away hundreds of truckloads of waste and debris, and the cause of the fire is still unknown. (Miami-Date Fire Rescue)
Press Release June 1, 2023

New report details dangerous conditions Doral, FL residents endured during three-week Covanta waste incinerator fire

Report’s findings underscore the dangers that waste incineration facilities pose to Florida communities

The John Amos Power Plant, a coal utility company located on the Kanawha River in West Virginia. (Joe Sohm / Getty Images)
Press Release: Victory March 8, 2023

EPA Proposes Improved Wastewater Treatment Standards for Coal-fired Power Plants

A legal victory decades in the making, the EPA will require modern wastewater treatment at all remaining coal-fired plants

Document August 21, 2023

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Decision, Palmer Project Mining Waste Management Permit for Exploratory Drilling

In a final agency decision issued on an administrative appeal, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) upheld a flawed waste management permit for exploratory drilling at the Palmer Project mine in Southeast Alaska while also determining that more work must be done to ensure Alaska’s water quality standards are not exceeded due to wastewater from the mining project.

A five-story pile of coal ash lies next to the AES-PR power plant in the southern town of Guayama, Puerto Rico. (Mabette Colón)
feature May 4, 2023

Toxic Coal Ash in Puerto Rico: The Hazardous Legacy of the AES-PR Coal Plant

Applied Energy Services continues to contaminate the air, soil, and water in Puerto Rico with toxic coal ash.

In Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley, a cemetery stands in stark contrast to the chemical plants that surround it.
(Photo by Julie Dermansky)
feature August 24, 2023

How Big Oil is Using Toxic Chemicals as a Lifeline – and How We Can Stop It

Petrochemicals are an environmental and public health disaster. What you need to know.

Press Release August 21, 2023

Pennsylvania Residents Urge DEP to Prevent Panther Creek From Burning Tires to Fuel Cryptomining

A Carbon County, PA, cryptocurrency mine recently submitted a permit application for co-firing “Tire-derived Fuel;” which will increase dangerous amounts of air toxics for the surrounding community

Changemakers call for the EPA to hold utilities accountable for their coal ash pollution, on the day of an in-person public hearing held by the agency in Chicago on Jun. 28, 2023. (Jamie Kelter Davis for Earthjustice)
feature August 14, 2023

‘Do Your Job, EPA’: Stories From the Frontlines of Coal Ash

By law, before government regulations are adopted or changed, agencies must ask the public — you — to weigh in.

Press Release November 7, 2022

Conservation Groups Join Tribe’s Appeal of Faulty Waste Management Permit for Palmer Project

Mine project in Alaska's Chilkat River watershed threatens traditional subsistence, clean water, wild salmon, and community health