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Your investment in Earthjustice will pay dividends in a better today and tomorrow, for you and our planet.

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From Anchorage to Washington, D.C., Earthjustice’s lawyers represent — for free — hundreds of public-interest clients at the frontlines of the fight for justice.

For five decades, our legal victories have cleaned up the air we breathe, banned some of the most dangerous chemicals from our food and homes, saved species from extinction, and much more.

We wisely use each and every gift entrusted to us. Earthjustice is committed to — and recognized for — sound fiscal management, accountability, and transparency. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.

And, you may be able to double the size of your gift, at no additional cost to you. Many workplaces will match their employee's charitable contributions.

Every single dollar counts. You will make a difference no matter the size of your investment. Thank you.

The most popular ways to invest and give the earth a good lawyer:

A graphic of the text 'Humans will destroy our planet,' where the word 'destroy' is crossed out and replaced with 'save,' so that the final text reads: 'Humans will save our planet.'

At Earthjustice, we're rewriting our planet's future — one case at a time. Learn about our work.


1. Become a monthly supporter.

Your monthly gift helps us keep administrative costs low, and helps you rest easy by knowing that you are doing good, month by month.

We are committed to the fight for the long haul. Many of our most consequential cases are litigated through the courts for years. We defend our legal wins — and make sure that results in the courtroom are carried through on the ground.

2. Make a one-time investment.

The most versatile investment, a one-time gift can be made securely online, through the mail, or over the telephone (1-800-584-6460). We even accept stocks and securities, which can provide significant benefits to you.

We’re a nonprofit in the business of building a better future for our planet. Every investment in us goes to work for clean air, clean water, and safeguards for communities across the country.

3. Honor a special someone in your life.

A special one-time gift, tribute gifts honor important people and times with a gift in their name.

You can give a tribute gift to commemorate a milestone (birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation), honor someone special (family, friends, faithful animal companions, a new baby), serve in lieu of material gifts — or just because.