Deep Thoughts, Cheap Shots, and Bon Mots

Is snow inconvenient truth about the end of climate change?

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Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle often titles his sports column, "Deep Thoughts, Cheap Shots, and Bon Mots," which always makes me smile and which I’m stealing just for today.

The huge storm that has buried DeeCee under multiple feet of snow is proof that global warming is a hoax.

The fact that we’ve had a great deal of rain here on the left coast also proves that if the climate is changing it’s all for the better and that the drought is over. Or maybe not.

The inclusion of subsidies in the new Obama budget for nuclear power and clean coal proves that nobody’s perfect. I’m assuming—hoping anyway—that this silly part of the budget will simply go away. And overall, government support for conventional coal is to be slashed , which has to be a good thing.

And finally, when oh when will the Senate do away with the filibuster? The gridlock in the capitol would be amusing if it weren’t so disastrous.

Tom Turner literally wrote the books about Earthjustice during his more-than-25 years with the organization. A lifelong resident of Berkeley, CA, he is most passionate about Earthjustice's maiden issue: wilderness preservation.