Intl. Body Will Recommend Protections for Transboundary Park

Canadian mining projects should not proceed

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Last week, we got a bit of good news.

Earthjustice and our allies in British Columbia and Montana convinced a UN committee in 2009 to come investigate serious environmental threats facing the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park which lies on both sides of the U.S and Canadian border.

After sending a team to investigate last fall, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee will recommend a moratorium on mining in the Flathead Valley of southeastern British Columbia and the development of a conservation and wildlife management plan for the region. (Video after the jump.)

Here is some background on Earthjustice’s role in this fight and the latest news.

While it can be difficult to understand what is really at stake if proposed mining projects are allowed, Canada’s Global BC TV news did an excellent news piece this week that tells the story. Enjoy. 

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