Nation Will Suffer if California's Prop 23 Passes

Initiative aims at killing America's best climate change law

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Earthjustice usually stays clear of election-year politicking, but we’re making a strong exception this year because of a California ballot proposition that would kill the nation’s strongest climate change regulations.

Financed by Texas oilmen, Proposition 23 would suspend A.B. 32, which has put in place the nation’s strongest standards governing greenhouse gas emissions. If it passes, this deadly proposition could have impacts that cascade across the state of California, nation and even into the international community. Here’s a quick look at what Prop 23 could do if it passes:

Kill Clean Energy Jobs: More than 500,000 Californians now work in clean tech jobs in the state, and since 2005, California green jobs have grown 10 times faster than other sectors of the state’s economy.

Pollute Our Air, Endanger Our Health: Prop. 23 would let oil companies and other polluters off the hook by suspending requirements to clean up their acts, drastically increasing air pollution and public health risks.

Keep Us Addicted to Costly Oil: At the exact moment when California’s wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies are starting to reduce our energy costs, Prop. 23 would protect polluters and send a message that the United States cannot keep up with Japan, Europe and China, who are taking the lead in renewable energy production.

Undermine Environmental Laws: Not only would Prop. 23 indefinitely repeal A.B. 32, it would also threaten dozens of other regulations in California—laws that Earthjustice uses every day to clean up pollution in the state.

We strongly urge a "No" vote on Proposition 23: the dirty energy proposition. Go here to learn more, and to join the coalition.

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