Salmon Month Activities Coming to San Francisco

Have fun and help keep California's salmon swimming wild

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September is Salmon Month at San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay. Sponsored by the SalmonAID coalition – of which Earthjustice is a member – Salmon Month brings together more than two dozen conservation, commercial and sportfishing organizations, as well as the West Coast’s best restaurants in order to educate the public about wild salmon and the perils they face across our coast. This wide-ranging coalition motivates citizens to take actions that protect our amazing wild salmon and the rivers they call home.

Salmon Month will feature fun and informative exhibits every day—including an Earthjustice video on the importance of wild salmon – as well as the following special events:

September 18—Come meet Earthjustice staff at our information table from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..

September 10—Meet Your Fishermen, a book reading and discussion with sustainable seafood providers.

September 11, 12—Films from the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival screening throughout both days.

September 15—Salmon Cinema and Storytelling Circle, featuring movies and live storytelling plus a cocktail reception.

September 19 and 20—Kids Weekend with games, activities and stories.

September 26—The third annual outdoor SalmonAID Music Festival.

Join us during Salmon Month to help support restoration of wild salmon and wild rivers! Go here to learn more about Salmon Month and the SalmonAID coalition.


Jim McCarthy worked with Earthjustice attorneys to shine a press spotlight on West Coast salmon and water issues.