"Science, Politics, and Salmon"

New video looks at political threats to Sac. River salmon

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Salmon Water Now, a collaboration between fishermen and media professionals, works to raise awareness of the plight of wild salmon, salmon fishermen, and coastal communities dependent on healthy freshwater flows in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta.

The partnership’s latest video, "Science, Politics, and Salmon," describes how a toxic mix of big agribusiness money and politics is working in an unholy alliance to reverse a federal salmon restoration plan won in a court order by Earthjustice. The unholy alliance covets the water needed to support the abundant Sacramento River salmon runs that once formed the backbone of the fishing industry in California and Oregon.

It’s worth seeing. You can watch it after the jump.

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Salmon Water Now strongly supports the National Marine Fisheries Service’s new set of rules for water management in the Delta as an important step towards restoring the West Coast’s vital salmon fishing industry.  

Jim McCarthy worked with Earthjustice attorneys to shine a press spotlight on West Coast salmon and water issues.