Tracking the Anti-Environmental Congress

Take Action: Let Congress know you are paying attention and oppose these attacks on our forests, wildlife, air and water.

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Did you hear about the secret attacks being planned on public health and the environment of the United States?

Probably not. The news from Washington these days is focused on the fight over raising the debt ceiling.

Meanwhile, the 2012 House Interior/EPA Appropriations (H.R.2584) bill is being considered, and it is larded with riders that will increase pollution, destroy protected wilderness, and harm the health of American families.

It’s frankly difficult to explain how bad some of these proposals are. They are so outrageous they seem almost surreal. But here are just a few that should give every American heartburn:

  • Drinking water for 25 million Americans is threatened by a proposal to allow uranium mining over more than one million acres around The Grand Canyon.
  • The EPA would be banned from all work to reduce the climate change pollution for one full year, and new pollution sources would be allowed without regulation.
  • Off-road vehicles would be allowed to trample fragile parts of our National Forests.
  • Sewage treatment programs preventing human waste and industrial pollution from despoiling California beaches would be cut.
  • The EPA would be prohibited from ensuring that mining companies – not American taxpayers – pay the bill for cleaning up contaminated mine sites.
  • Those who pollute Florida’s waterways with sewage, manure and fertilizer, creating rivers of toxic algae that kills animals and makes people sick, would be allowed to continue.   

These spending “riders” represent a coordinated attack on the core environmental protections the American people have always supported.

We need your help to get the word out.

Let your friends and family know what is going on with H.R. 2584.

Track the latest anti-environmental “riders” here.

Take Action: Let Congress know you are paying attention and oppose these attacks on our forests, wildlife, air and water.

An Earthjustice staff member from 1999 until 2015, Brian used outreach and partnership skills to cover many issues, including advocacy campaign efforts to promote a healthy ocean.

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