A Video Toast To The World of Earthjustice

Thanks for helping us make the planet a better place to live

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Today, in the midst of Thanksgiving, we invite you to spend a minute and 17 seconds with us as we honor the many Earthjustice supporters responsible for significant achievements this year on behalf of people, wildlife and the wild places we all love.

We’ve put together a simple, elegant video story of four of those achievements. As one of our supporters—or perhaps someone who might become one—you should instantly see how powerful and important that support is.

One of the stories in the video has direct impact on your life. Because of Earthjustice work, cleaning manufacturers are being forced to reveal chemical—and possibly toxic—ingredients in their products. We’re talking about products you probably use or come up against every day.

Another story tells of a vast and magnificent park straddling the Canada/U.S. border that will be spared from destructive mining because of Earthjustice advocacy to the United Nations. Our final stories tell of our work to prevent 2,500 premature deaths, and to convince Hawai’i to approve a rewards program to promote renewable energy.

And these are just a few of many dozens of victories that would not have occurred without the support of many dedicated people.

So, here’s to YOU—our hearty thanks for all that you have done and may continue doing to protect this wonderful planet we all share.

From 2006–2014, Terry was managing editor for Earthjustice's blog, online monthly newsletter and print Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine.