Wolves – Coming To Your TV Tonight

PBS documentary looks at Obama administration’s handling of gray wolves

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Update: You can learn more about Earthjustice’s work to save wolves (including an interactive timeline) in our newly updated campaign page.

The wolf lifts its muzzle and—as its breath flows like smoke into the crisp air —you hear the sound of wilderness, crying out from the TV set.

This image alone is worth a visit to your local PBS channel, starting tonight (Feb. 26), to view a documentary examining how wolves in the northern Rockies have been affected by the Obama administration’s relaxation of regulations protecting wolves. To see when the program can be viewed in your area, go here.

Earthjustice attorney Doug Honnold, who has spent much of his career working to protect northern gray wolves and grizzly bears in the Rockies, figures prominently in the film. He carefully describes natural and man-made threats to both species, and makes clear his disappointment with Obama’s Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar for signing off on a Bush administration decision to stop protecting wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Not a rant on behalf of environmentalists, the film explores how the current administration is handling the northern gray wolf, and, by combining powerful video of wolves acting wild in the wilderness, lets viewers reach their own conclusions.

Wolves also are the cover story in the March issue of National Geographic magazine.

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