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Evan Gillespie is a partner at Industrious Labs. Prior to Industrious Labs, he spent 12 years with the Sierra Club on the Beyond Coal Campaign, developing and managing winning climate campaigns targeting coal and gas plants, expanding clean energy policies, and electrifying buildings and heavy-duty vehicles.

A person uses a rod in a machine filled with yellow melted steel with sparks flying around.
April 11, 2024

From Ice Cream to Glass to Steel, California Needs to Think Big on Industrial Electrification

It’s time for the largest manufacturing hub in the country to develop a blueprint for zero emissions. Legislation like AB 2083 can get us there.

sparks fly as a person welds inside of a large pipe
August 16, 2023

California Rolls Up Its Sleeves on Industrial Pollution

How do we know if a sector is difficult to decarbonize if we haven’t tried?