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James is a writer based in Minneapolis, MN, where he edits a culinary website and newsletter called The Heavy Table. He has contributed to publications including The Christian Science Monitor and Washington Post, and is the author of several books including Lake Superior Flavors and The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin.

Sharonda C. Williams-Tack is the Associate Director of the Sierra Club’s Healthy Communities Campaign.
August 5, 2022

‘For Some, Energy Efficiency Is the Difference Between Keeping the Utilities on or Having Them Shut off’

Sharonda Williams-Tack leads a campaign that seeks to help struggling households reduce their utility bills through energy efficiency retrofits.

Sulfide mining poses a severe threat to the 1,100 lakes in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
June 28, 2018

We’re Suing to Save a World-Famous Canoeing Wilderness From Mining Pollution

There are 1,100 clear, peaceful lakes in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters wilderness. The Trump administration wants to add a sulfide mine or two.