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Mishka Banuri is a 19-year-old climate activist and the co-founder of Utah Youth Environmental Solutions (UYES).

Mishka Banuri
July 22, 2020

Los Jóvenes No Necesitan Un Título Universitario Para Luchar Por Su Futuro

La activista climática juvenil Mishka Banuri describe cómo venció sus temores sobre el llamado “síndrome del impostor” para unirse a la lucha climática y exhorta a los jóvenes alrededor del mundo a exigir soluciones audaces a la crisis climática.

Utah teen Mishka Banuri is working to hold government officials accountable for addressing the climate crisis.
July 15, 2020

Young People Don’t Need a Degree to Fight for Their Future

Youth climate activist Mishka Banuri describes how she pushed past her fears of imposter syndrome to join the climate fight and calls on young people everywhere to demand bold solutions to the climate crisis.