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Director of Foundation Relations

Wayne Salazar was a member of the Development department in the San Francisco, CA headquarters from 2003–2012.

June 20, 2008

What Offshore Oil Drilling Means To Me

This has been quite a week for proponents of offshore oil drilling. It’s as if last week’s Jim Cramer Today Show appearance lit a fuse. Or more likely, as if Jim Cramer is privy to major pols’ backroom strategizing sessions. Both Bush and McCain have called for an end to the moratorium on offshore drilling …

June 13, 2008

But We're Used To Playing David

The State of Colorado is about to adopt new rules governing oil and gas development in the state. The strangely named Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will soon change the state’s permitting process for oil and gas extraction. (If the Commission is supposed to conserve oil and gas, why is everything it does concerned …

June 9, 2008

"I Can't Stand It"

As the average price of a gallon of gas tops $4 for the first time this week, TV pundits are having a field day. There’s nothing like bad economic news that everyone can understand to bring out the blather. This morning’s "Today" show gave us Jim Cramer, the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins of TV stock jocks, …

June 2, 2008

Shopping As a Climate-neutral Act

In my last post I told you about using Freecycle, Craigslist, and eBay to reduce-reuse-and-recycle my way through a total refurnishing of my new, post-divorce life. It was a lot more fun and I found better quality things than shopping at garage sales and second-hand stores. There’s really great stuff out there if you follow …

May 29, 2008

Yellow Soap

Q: What do forests, water, wildlife, and agriculture have in common? A: They’re all being reshaped, redistributed, and otherwise readjusted by climate change. Now, in real time. That’s the conclusion of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, which just released a long-delayed government-commissioned report on how climate change is affecting the American landscape. This is …

May 21, 2008

We're Soaking In It

A new survey reveals that Americans place global warming LAST on a list of domestic priorities. I learned that from an article in ClimateWire. About a week later, I read an opinion piece by Bill McKibben from the LA Times. Something he said explained to me why Americans are so blasé about global warming. "Americans …