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Toxic Reform Looms Closer in U.S. Senate

Attorney—and mom—sees promise in "Safe Chemicals Act"

As mother, I try to protect my children from exposure to toxic chemicals in household products. But as an environmental attorney, I know only too well that our country's existing system of regulating chemicals is badly broken.

The same law that allowed asbestos to remain on the market long after it had been proven carcinogenic now has parents doubling as forensic chemists scrambling to keep up with the latest research on health risks posed by the items in their homes.

When it comes to protecting our kids from toxic chemicals, parents need a system that meets us halfway. We need to shift the burden from families to the companies who are manufacturing and distributing the chemicals used in these products.

This week, we are one step closer to that goal, with legislation introduced yesterday by Senator Frank Lautenberg.

The Safe Chemicals Act would overhaul the way the federal government protects the public from toxic chemicals. It's not perfect, but it's a promising start. And with your help we can help see it to the finish line.

What does toxic chemical reform mean to you? Let us know. And while you're at it, let your member of Congress know too.


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