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Our Holiday Wish: Mr. President, Please Protect Our Forests!

What would a winter wonderland be without treetops glistening?

What do Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, turtle doves, geese a-laying, calling birds, partridges in pear trees, and holly trees all have in common? They all make their home in the forest, of course.

This holiday season a coalition of environmental groups including Earthjustice is asking President Obama to give America a gift that stands the test of time: a forestry plan that safeguards our nation's woodlands for the future and protects forest creatures great and small. Join us by sending President Obama this holiday wish for our forests!

As we venture over the river and through the woods this holiday season—or along I-90, I-70, I-95, I-5, and other crowded highways we must travel—many of us will pass by some of the 200 million acres of magnificent forests that constitute our National Forest system.

The U.S. Forest Service presides over these lands, which are home to a rich range of diverse species and rare wildlife, and these bountiful ecosystems help guarantee clean drinking water for communities and provide recreation for hunters, anglers, and outdoorspeople all over the country.

The Obama administration is in the middle of writing a new set of rules that will impact every national forest in the land—and all the precious wildlife that depend on them to survive. It's critically important that President Obama's new plan for the forests is anchored on sound science and safeguards our wildlife, wild lands, and clean water from special interests.

That's why Earthjustice and our partners are sending this holiday wish to President Obama: Make sure your administration does this right and creates a plan that protects our forests, wildlife, and watersheds! Please join us and take action now by sending the President this message.