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Will Sunflower Be Cleanest Coal-Fired Power Plant?

Latest news from the energy debate in Kansas.

A study released today by MSB Energy Associates calls into question claims that the new Sunflower coal-fired power plant expansion near Holcomb, Kansas will be the “cleanest” in the country.

Among the report’s findings:
- 669 coal-fired power generating units have lower emissions of particulate (soot) air pollution
- 321 coal-fired units have lower emissions of mercury
- 53 emit lower rates of sulfur dioxide, and
- 18 emit lower rates of nitrogen oxides

These findings are based on a controversial air permit approved by the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment in December 2010.

Sunflower officials claim their mission is to supply their 400,000 members with energy at the lowest possible cost, while protecting the environment. Sadly this plant will do neither. The new unit will pollute Kansans and sell most of the new power to Colorado.

In related news, the fired, ex-secretary of the KDHE, Rod Bremby, spoke about his experience in public for the first time today.

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