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13,000 Sea Turtle Deaths a Year Is Too Many

The government says oil drillers can kill about 13,000 rare sea turtles every year in the Gulf of Mexico. We are saying no.

The Gulf of Mexico’s waters are a global sea turtle hot spot, with five of the world’s seven sea turtle species found there. All are on the federal endangered species list. And because of oil and gas drilling in the Gulf, all must now navigate through underwater air gun blasts as loud as jet engines, suffocating oil spills, marine pollution, and ship traffic.

Earthjustice is in court challenging a Trump-era allowance that says drillers can kill 13,000 turtles a year and harm tens of thousands more. Our ability to win these fights depends on your support. Donate today, and you’ll fuel our work to:

  • Prevent further harm to sea turtles, whales, and other imperiled species in the Gulf
  • Hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the damage it causes to delicate ecosystems
  • Confront a biodiversity crisis that now threatens a million species with extinction

Together, we can secure a future where sea turtles thrive.

Loggerhead sea turtle
Loggerhead sea turtles are among the marine creatures vulnerable to seismic testing for gas and oil. (Vladimir Wrangel / Getty Images)