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Less Than 100 Left: Help Save the Rice’s Whale From Extinction

The world’s newest whale species is already almost gone.

In 2021, scientists identified the Gulf of Mexico Rice’s whale, a majestic, 40-foot-long whale that lives only in the Gulf, as a new species. Oil and gas development in the Gulf is primarily responsible for reducing the whale’s population to less than 100 animals. And a recent legal ruling jeopardizes these last few whales by allowing even more drilling in their habitat.

Earthjustice is fighting back in court to reestablish needed protections. With our team of dedicated environmental lawyers, we fight to keep places like the Gulf of Mexico protected and endangered species like the Gulf of Mexico Rice’s whale thriving.

We can’t do this work without your support. Your donation today empowers Earthjustice to:

  • Secure vital protections for the Gulf of Mexico Rice’s whale
  • Hold polluters accountable for safeguarding habitat and preventing extinctions
  • Fight for countless other species facing threats from industry and climate change

Every dollar makes a difference. Donate now and be a champion for the Gulf of Mexico Rice’s whale and countless other species.

Together, let’s ensure a future where these magnificent creatures thrive, not vanish.

Rice’s whale photographed using an unmanned aircraft system.
A Rice’s whale, one of Earth’s rarest whales. (Lisa Conger / Beth Josephson / Permit #21938 / NOAA Fisheries)