Eight-Hour Ozone Standards

Case Overview

On April 30, 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency released final rules to control smog. Unfortunately, the rules fall well short of what public health and the law require. An Earthjustice suit is pending in federal court.

(This case is now closed. To learn about recent Earthjustice litigation to clean up the air we breathe, visit the Clean Air Focus Area.)

Case Updates

July 19, 2011 Press Release

Big Oil, Big Business Lobbyists Show Disregard for Smog Threats to Kids, Seniors

EPA must follow doctors' advice and issue strong health protections, not bow before industry pressure

June 23, 2011 Article

Strong Ozone Standard Would Be a Breath of Fresh Air

EPA has said a final decision on the new ozone health standard is expected in July 2011. Unfortunately, politics could crowd out science.

June 23, 2011 Press Release

Opportunity Knocks to Protect Public Health; Will President Obama Answer?

EPA and the White House must use science, not politics to set smog clean up standards