Challenging Inadequate Protections for Salmon in the Northwest Forest Plan

Earthjustice successfully challenged an attempt by the Bush administration to hamstring salmon protection in Northwest forests.

Case Overview

The Northwest Forest Plan was written to balance timber demand with wildlife needs. One part—the Aquatic Conservation Strategy—aimed to protect salmon and clean water. The Bush administration drastically weakened the strategy, and on March 30, 2007, a federal court found that administration acted illegally by suppressing scientific evidence.

Sockeye salmon.
Sockeye salmon. (Xuanlu Wang / Shutterstock)

Case Updates

November 20, 2007 Press Release: Victory

Feds Throw in Towel on Effort to Strip Key Salmon Protections

This after court found Bush administration misrepresented views of key scientists

April 2, 2007 Press Release: Victory

Court Ruling Protects Salmon and Clean Water from Harmful Logging

Court finds Bush administration misrepresented views of key scientists

March 29, 2006 document

Aquatic Conservation Strategy Fact Sheet

Background information on salmon protection in the Northwest