Challenging A Pennsylvania Pipeline

Earthjustice challenged a fast-tracked pipeline project in Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains, which killed more than 200,000 mature trees and tore up 600 acres of forest on private landowners’ properties.

Case Overview

The fracking boom in the northeast United States has led to an alarming trend of corner cutting and hastily approved drilling and pipeline projects. One egregious example in Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains typifies the troubling pattern.

Within days of receiving a hasty approval from the federal government, the Central New York Oil and Gas Company (CNYOG) initiated steps to seize property from landowners along the route of the company’s proposed pipeline project. The 39-mile pipeline crosses more than 100 properties, more than 100 waterways and required clear-cutting of at least 200,000 mature trees.

Earthjustice represented local and state conservation groups in an effort to slow the project so that a proper environmental review could be conducted. The pipeline has since been built and the case is now closed.

Canyon Vista, World's End State Park, Sullivan County, PA.
Canyon Vista, World's End State Park, Sullivan County, PA. (Photo courtesy of Nicholas A. Tonelli)

Case Updates

February 16, 2012 Press Release

Groups File Lawsuit to Halt Tree-Cutting Along Controversial Pipeline Route

Company begins clearing forest in PA’s Endless Mountains before satisfying pre-construction requirements

November 15, 2011 Press Release

FERC OK’s Controversial Pipeline Project as Region Still Struggles To Rebuild After Floods

Decision ignores public outcry and EPA recommendation, advocates poised to challenge in court

July 22, 2011 Article

Good News: YOUR Voice Is Being Heard

If—as an Earthjustice supporter and activist—you ever wondered whether your letters and emails to government officials had an impact, we’ve got news that should give you heart. Reporters are writing about the 22,093 messages sent by supporters like you, demanding a thorough environmental review of a proposed 39-mile natural gas pipeline that threatens prime forest lands and streams in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. And, politicians are standing with you. Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency are pressing pipeline regulators…