Rock Creek Mine

Case Overview

The Fish and Wildlife Service rewrote a biological opinion that originally said that a mine proposed in the Cabinet Mountains in Montana could wipe out grizzly bears and bull trout there — the new opinion says the mine poses no threat. A district court has now ruled that opinion illegal too, halting the mine for now.


Case Updates

April 15, 2021 Press Release: Victory

Federal Court Halts Proposed Rock Creek Mine in Montana’s Cabinet Mountains

Judge throws out Trump administration’s controversial approval of mine that threatened imperiled grizzly bears and bull trout

April 15, 2021 document

Rock Creek Mine 131 Opinion and ORDER

Rock Creek Mine 131 opinion and order.

The Cabinet Mountains in Montana
April 15, 2019 Press Release: Victory

Montana Court Strikes Down Water Permit for Rock Creek Mine, Protecting Wilderness Streams

In a notable victory for the iconic Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, Hecla’s permit is reversed