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Supporting a Fracking Challenge in Mendoza, Argentina

A fracking site in Vaca Muerta, Argentina.

A fracking site in Vaca Muerta, Argentina.

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What’s at Stake

Mendoza’s fracking regulations were fast tracked with little-to-no prior assessment as to how the practice might pollute Mendoza’s precious water sources, cause seismic activity, or spread radioactive material, among other impacts.


In support of our Argentinian partner OIKOS’s lawsuit, Earthjustice filed a “friend of the court” (amicus curiae) brief challenging Mendoza regulations that allow unconventional oil and gas drilling, also known as “fracking.”

We provide the Mendoza Supreme Court with numerous examples from scientific and government studies on the experience of fracking in the United States and fracking’s potential to cause grave and irreversible harm.

The precautionary principle, a legal doctrine in Argentinian and international law, emphasizes caution and review before jumping into new practices that may cause harm such as fracking. We argue that the precautionary principle requires that the government take strong precautions before authorizing new fracking projects in the province.

If successful, this lawsuit will halt fracking in the province until the government conducts a complete assessment of the practice’s environmental impacts.

OIKOS's lawsuit is currently before the Mendoza Supreme Court of Justice.

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Case Updates

January 4, 2021 | Press Release

Earthjustice Apoya Impugnación De Fracking En Argentina

Earthjustice ha presentado un "amigo de la corte" (amicus curiae) impugnando las regulaciones de la provincia argentina de Mendoza que permiten la perforación no convencional de petróleo y gas, también conocida como "fracking."