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Travel, Lodging and Meals Expense Reimbursement Policy for Earthjustice Vendors and Contractors

Where Earthjustice agrees to pay or reimburse vendors, contractors or consultants for the reasonable cost of travel, the following limitations define what costs will be paid or reimbursed. Any exception to these limitations must be approved in advance by the Earthjustice employee who signed the contract.


Earthjustice will reimburse the cost economy or coach airfare; vendors should secure the lowest practicable fares available, taking into consideration efficiency, lead time, safety, and length of travel. In cases where significant itinerary changes are likely, a refundable ticket may be the most prudent alternative.


Travelers should use standard single room accommodations at mid-range hotels, subject to the maximum rates shown in the Hotel and Meal Maximum chart below. Costs for room upgrades (e.g. suite, executive floor, room with a view, etc.) or in-room entertainment are not reimbursable.


Where meals for travel are approved, they are reimbursable up to the maximums shown in the chart. The cost of alcoholic beverages is not reimbursable, whether or not consumed with a meal.

Hotel and Meal Maximum, FY 2022 (Domestic USA)

Type of Location Hotel Food [Daily total for all meals]
Rural, outside of metropolitan areas, lesser developed regions $180/nt $56
Metropolitan areas (Denver, others) $220/nt $69
High Cost Cities (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle); Alaska and Hawaiʻi $350/nt $80