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A coalition of green groups and health advocates refutes polluters’ discredited arguments against the Clean Air Act.
Article August 17, 2016

Health and Environmental Groups Decry Radical Attacks on Anti-Smog Protections

A coalition of green groups and health advocates refutes polluters’ discredited arguments against the Clean Air Act.

Article February 26, 2015

Clean Energy and Clean Ports Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Now is the time for our leaders in the Los Angeles region to take ownership of the zero emissions transition.

Article November 19, 2012

Your Lungs Will Thank Us

Last Wednesday, a group of clean air advocates intervened to protect crucial air safeguards that will curb pollution emitted during oil and gas drilling. Unfortunately the state of Texas and their allies with the American Petroleum Institute and a variety of other state alliances of oil and gas companies are pushing back against these necessary…

Marti Blake lives near the Cheswick coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania and has suffered serious health complications.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature December 20, 2011

In the Shadow of a Smokestack

“It’s like hell. Living in hell,” says Marti Blake, as she points at the coal-fired power plant that dominates the view from her living room, in Springdale, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. “It’s filthy, it’s dirty, it’s noisy, it’s unhealthy.”

Press Release March 1, 2011

EPA Estimates Clean Air Act Will Gain $2 Trillion in Health Benefits by 2020

Includes 230,000 lives saved

Article March 1, 2011

EPA On Clean Air Act: 160,000 lives saved last year

Despite the House GOP majority attempting to quash our clean air, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is serious about our right to breathe. Today, the agency released a report that champions the Clean Air Act as a lifesaver, health protector – and economic bolster. The report analyzed effects of the Clean Air Act on the…

feature February 2, 2011

A Success Story, with Many Chapters Still to Come

The Clean Air Act has substantially improved the lives of millions of Americans. Polluting industries have fought progress every step of the way. To protect your right to breathe, Earthjustice is working to ensure polluting industries don’t stand in the way of clean air protections.

Article December 30, 2010

Celebrating Americans Who Didn't Die in 2010

According to estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 160,000 American lives were saved in 2010 by the Clean Air Act’s health protections. Four decades of clean air protections have made the U.S. stronger, healthier and more prosperous.

Press Release August 6, 2010

Earthjustice Joins Challenge to Industry’s Attack on Air Pollution Rules

Decades-old rules have protected public from significant air pollutants