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Dennis Chestnut teaches his grandson, Horus Plaza, how to test the water quality of the Watts Branch of the Anacostia River in Marvin Gaye Park in Washington, D.C. in May 2021.
(Jared Soares for Earthjustice)
Article: Victory August 9, 2021

An Infamously Dirty River Is Coming Back to Life Thanks to Community Activism

Due to sustained community pressure and Earthjustice litigation, D.C.’s Anacostia River is finally recovering from decades of pollution.

Article April 24, 2013

Friday Finds: Seafood S.O.S.

Seafood lovers hooked on $1 oyster nights may soon have to find a new source of comfort for the work week blues. Thanks to an increase of carbon in both the atmosphere and our water bodies (which absorb about a third of all carbon emissions), carbon munching critters like crabs, lobsters and shrimp are getting…

Article December 17, 2012

Washington Post Highlights Toxic Fish in Anacostia River

We have spent more than 15 years championing the need for cleaning up the Anacostia River (as well as the Potomac River and Rock Creek). And what better reason than the fact that several District and Prince George County residents depend on the river for sustenance. This disturbing (you’ll know why in a moment) Washington…

Press Release May 21, 2012

Revised EPA Storm Water Permit Will Ensure District Will Meet Clean Water Goals

Requires pollution reduction for Anacostia and Potomac Rivers and Rock Creek

Press Release November 10, 2011

Clean Water Advocates Challenge EPA on Inadequate Clean Water Permit

Permit fails to ensure District rivers will meet water quality goals

Earthjustice has been working for years to clean up the Anacostia River.
(Photo courtesy of City Project)
case February 25, 2009

Anacostia River: Sediment Pollution Limits

The Anacostia River flows through Maryland and the District of Columbia. Even though it flows through our nation’s capital, it is heavily polluted—raw sewage, trash, and other contaminants flow into the river, especially after heavy rains. Erosion, runoff from grimy streets, and an antiquated sewer system contribute to the problem. The Clean Water Act requires…

document January 15, 2009

Lawsuit Challenging Anacostia Pollution Limits

The lawsuit challenges EPA’s approval of limits on discharges of sediment and suspended solids into the Anacostia.

document January 15, 2009

Lawsuits fights for clean-up of Anacostia and Potomac Rivers

A copy of the lawsuit challenging the 15 existing limits obstructing clean-up of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers.

Press Release January 15, 2009

Groups Fight For Stronger Cleanup Standards for Anacostia and Potomac Rivers

Cleanup undermined by inadequate pollution caps, illegal loopholes