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The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a top ocean predator that is critical for healthy marine ecosystems.
(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Article June 10, 2020

Senseless Removal of Species Protections Threatens Life in the Gulf of Mexico

Sushi is almost as common a choice as any for family dinners, first dates, or even the solo diner. The industry now boasts thousands of restaurants and generates billions in revenue, but our taste for Japan’s hand-rolled sea fare poses a threat you won’t read about on a restaurant menu.

document February 6, 2008

Bluefin Tuna Overfishing Memorandum

Bluefin tuna are being severely depleted in the Gulf of Mexico due to weak government regulations

Press Release February 6, 2008

High Mercury Content in Bluefin Tuna Not Only Reason to Pass on the Sushi

Overfishing and poor oceans management are leading bluefin tuna to the brink of extinction

document November 9, 2006

Petition for rulemaking to protect bluefin tuna spawning areas in Gulf of Mexico

June 2005 petition to the Secretary of Commerce calling for better protections of spawning areas in the Gulf of Mexico for bluefin tuna

document November 2, 2006

Complaint in a challenge to longline fishing in the Gulf of Mexico during bluefin tuna spawning

Lawsuit challenging National Marine Fisheries Service decision to continue allowing longline fishing in the Gulf of Mexico that is destroying bluefin tuna populations

Press Release November 2, 2006

Overfishing in Gulf of Mexico Quickly Destroying Bluefin Tuna Populations

Activists file suit against NMFS to enforce prohibitions against illegal longline fishing

One of the ocean's biggest and most powerful fish, bluefin tuna are disappearing because of commercial fishing in the areas where they reproduce.
(Ugo Montaldo / Shutterstock)
case October 31, 2006

Reducing Bluefin Tuna Bycatch In The Gulf Of Mexico

Bluefin tuna are a unique and massive species. They can grow to more than ten feet in length and weigh more than 1,500 pounds. Their feats are similarly epic. A bluefin can cross the Atlantic Ocean in just over a month, dive up to 3,000 feet in a matter of minutes, and swim at speeds…