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Press Release September 25, 2013

26 Million Acres of Protected Critical Habitat Proposed for Canada Lynx

Federal agency proposes protections in Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Washington and Wyoming

The Canada lynx needs big, wild landscapes to survive.
(Nataliia Melnychuk / Shutterstock)
case: Victory September 11, 2009

Protecting Habitat for the Rare Canada Lynx

The Canada lynx is a secretive forest cat that needs big, wild landscapes to survive. In February 2009, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acted to conserve this rare species by designating 39,000 square miles of forest land as critical habitat for the lynx pursuant to the Endangered Species Act. The critical habitat designation, which…

Press Release August 3, 2009

Groups Seek to Defend Lynx Against Snowmobile Lawsuit

Rare wildcat struggling to recover