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The IUCN report points out that addressing localized stressors, like fishing for too many grazing fish and urchins, is crucial to ensuring that coral reefs can survive larger scale threats.
(Earthjustice Photo)
Article July 7, 2014

UPDATE: Coral and Parrotfish – A Love Story

Since the May 14 release of the Earthjustice video titled Coral and Parrotfish – A Love Story, more than 90,000 people have learned about how parrotfish can be essential players in coral preservation.

video May 14, 2014

Coral and Parrotfish: A Love Story

Go diving, in a video with attorney Andrea Treece as she explores the role parrotfish play in protecting the Caribbean coral reef ecosystem.

Article May 13, 2014

Coral and Parrotfish: The Fight for Recovery

Earthjustice sued the National Marine Fisheries service to better protect coral, and won. The 2013 decision will help protect parrotfish and coral, but only if the National Marine Fisheries Service uses the new data to improve management. The agency must do more to restore Caribbean reefs.

document October 14, 2013

Carribbean Coral Federal District Court Decision

A federal district court has ruled that National Marine Fisheries Service violated the law by allowing fishing for parrotfish and other algae-eating reef fish species without proper monitoring of the fishery’s impacts.

Press Release October 14, 2013

Court: Federal Government Must Protect Caribbean Coral Reefs

Better monitoring of fisheries required

Article October 14, 2013

Protecting Coral’s Protectors

Meet the butler of coral reefs.

Parrotfish protect the coral reef ecosystem by grazing on algae that otherwise would smother the reef.
(Photo courtesy of Kevin Hogan / Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary / NOAA)
case November 19, 2012

Protecting Endangered Corals from Overfishing

Caribbean elkhorn and staghorn corals are perilously close to extinction—they’ve declined by as much as 98 percent since the 1970s. This isn’t just a big problem for the corals. It also impacts numerous species that depend on them, including sea turtles, lobsters and many types of fish. A key threat to elkhorn and staghorn corals…

feature August 3, 2012

Dying Reefs

Can our oceans pass the acid test? Despite its remarkable rebound, the Cabo Pulmo reef in the Gulf of California and other coral reefs worldwide face deep peril. Oceans absorb carbon dioxide—turning oceans into acid baths and coral reefs into dead zones.

document January 30, 2012

Caribbean Reef Fish Complaint 1/30/2012

Lawsuit federal district court seeking greater protections from fishing for threatened coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Press Release January 30, 2012

Lawsuit Aims to Protect Endangered Caribbean Corals from Overfishing

Elkhorn and staghorn corals need parrotfish to survive