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Many chrome plating facilities release cancer-causing pollutants.
(Photo courtesy of Cobalt123 / Flickr)
case November 20, 2012

Protecting Communities from Chrome Plating Facilities

Many chrome platers release cancer-causing pollutants near homes, schools and day care centers, which means that the most vulnerable residents, including children, withstand the worst of this toxic exposure. In September 2012, EPA issued a final rule that failed to require all facilities to at least match the level of pollution control achieved by industry…

Press Release November 20, 2012

EPA Fails to Protect Communities from Cancer-Causing Air Pollution

Chromium plating facilities pump unsafe levels of dangerous chemicals near schools and homes

Article November 20, 2012

The Shiny Scary Truth About Chromium

Chromium shows up in surprising places in modern society—most notably on car bumpers and furniture to improve how they look. Too often, the facilities that do this kind of plating put the carcinogen hexavalent chromium into the air in local communities where they operate. The highly toxic chemical was made infamous by Erin Brockovich’s work…

document November 19, 2012

Chrome Plating Facilities List

document November 19, 2012

Chrome Plating Facilities Analysis

Press Release October 21, 2010

Communities Face Unacceptable Dangers from Chrome Plating Facilities

Proposal on air standards falls short of protecting people from toxic pollution