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document February 19, 2008

FCC Towers Decision (2/19/08)

U.S. Court of Appeals decision which found that the FCC did not properly assess the potential adverse effect of towers to migratory birds when issuing permits for new telecommunication towers

Press Release: Victory February 19, 2008

Federal Court Orders Cell Tower Safeguards for Gulf Coast Birds

Decision could save millions of birds killed each year in tower collisions

document May 25, 2006

FCC Tower Map

Map prepared by the American Bird Conservancy showing thousands of communications towers in a 1,000-mile stretch of the Gulf Coast region, from Pt. Isabel, Texas to Tampa Bay, Florida.

Exhausted from their journey across the Gulf of Mexico, many species of migrating songbirds collide with towers or the accompanying guy wires.
(Photo courtesy of Chad Horwedel)
case: Victory June 1, 2005

Protecting Migratory Birds from the Proliferation of FCC Towers

A migratory bird’s flight from winter habitat to summer breeding grounds and back again is already a difficult journey. FCC communication towers turn the journey deadly. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates between 5 and 50 million birds are killed each year as a result of encounters with communication towers. The situation is especially…

Press Release April 8, 2005

Conservationists Fight in Court to Enforce Protections for Migrating and Endangered Birds

Millions of birds die annually in collisions with cellular and television towers