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King salmon sit before being weighed on the docks in Ft. Bragg, CA. California's biggest water users—politically connected industrial farms—howl over every drop left in the river to benefit salmon instead of their crops of almonds, hay and alfalfa, and portray the issue as a survival contest between fish and people. They conveniently omit that salmon runs support a multibillion dollar fishing industry and that there is enough water to keep salmon and the fishing industry alive without fields going fallow.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature November 5, 2020

What You Should Know About Genetically Engineered Salmon

A short guide to the first laboratory-created animal approved for human consumption.

Sockeye salmon.
(Xuanlu Wang / Shutterstock)
case November 5, 2020

Seeking Full Review of GE Salmon Environmental Risks

A coalition of fishing, environmental, and consumer groups have joined together to challenge the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the first-ever genetically engineered (GE) animal intended for human consumption. The new GE salmon was engineered by inserting the DNA from Pacific king salmon and Arctic ocean eel pout into Atlantic salmon to make…

document November 5, 2020

Court ruling on genetically engineered salmon

Court blocks genetically engineered salmon

Press Release: Victory November 5, 2020

Federal Court Declares Genetically Engineered Salmon Unlawful

Court rules U.S. Food and Drug Administration failed to analyze the risk escaped engineered salmon pose to endangered wild salmon

A judge has ordered the FDA to release withheld information related to its approval of GE salmon.
(Bill Perry/Shutterstock)
Article: Victory February 2, 2018

Judges to FDA: Government Must Pull Aside Curtain on Genetically Engineered Salmon

Appeals court rejects Trump administration’s attempt to withhold information from the public related to the approval of GE salmon.

Wild Alaskan salmon swimming upstream. The FDA has failed to fully examine the risks that a new species of genetically engineered salmon would present to wild salmon.
Article April 8, 2016

What Will Happen When Genetically Engineered Salmon Escape Into the Wild?

The FDA has failed to fully examine the risks that a new species of genetically engineered salmon would present to wild salmon.

document March 31, 2016

GE Salmon Complaint

This case challenges the United States Food and Drug Administration’s approval of a novel genetically engineered salmon for human consumption without considering or fully disclosing the environmental and other risks of this unprecedented decision.

Wild salmon jumping up a river during spawning season.
(Sekar B / Shutterstock)
Press Release March 31, 2016

Lawsuit Challenges FDA’s Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon

Coalition of fishing, consumer, and environmental groups say first-ever approval of laboratory-created food animal violated laws and ignored risks to wild salmon and fishing communities

Press Release April 25, 2013

Nearly 1.5 Million Objections to Genetically Engineered Salmon Filed with FDA

Previously undisclosed documents reveal requests by many companies seeking government approval to grow controversial salmon in U.S.

Press Release December 21, 2012

FDA Gives Tentative Approval to Genetically Engineered Salmon

Frankenfish could threaten wild salmon stocks

Article June 15, 2012

Time Is Ticking On 'Franken-food' Review

Californian voters will vote in the fall on a proposal to require most food products to label known genetically modified organism ingredients.

Press Release June 4, 2012

Groups Ask FDA for Final Response to Petition Seeking Full Review of "Frankenfish" Environmental Risks

Public remains in the dark another year as the federal government considers approving genetically engineered salmon

document May 31, 2012

GE Salmon Petition

Press Release May 25, 2011

Environmental Groups Petition Federal Government to Complete Full and Transparent Review of Environmental Impacts Associated with “Frankenfish”

FDA poised to take action on the first-ever application to market a genetically engineered salmon without adequate consideration of environmental risks and public input

document November 8, 2010

Green Group Letter to FDA

Press Release November 8, 2010

Major U.S. Environmental Groups Call for Full Environmental Review of Genetically Engineered Salmon

FDA considering approval of first genetically engineered animal for human consumption despite inadequate environmental review

Article September 30, 2010

"Frankenfish" – Poster Child of Genetically Modified Food Fears

Too little is known to allow unleashing of test-tube species