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The Homer City Generating Station in Pennsylvania.
(Photo courtesy of Jon Dawson)
case: Victory May 29, 2013

Slashing Sulfur Dioxide Pollution In Homer City

The Homer City Generating Station, a coal plant in western Pennsylvania, is a terrible neighbor. In 2010, the plant released more sulfur dioxide (SO2)—which can cause breathing problems, lung disease and heart attacks after only five minutes of exposure—than any other industrial facility in the nation. Data from the Clean Air Task Force has estimated…

Press Release: Victory May 29, 2013

One of the Nation’s Dirtiest Power Plants to Clean Up Sulfur Dioxide Emissions

New Homer City power plant protections set precedent on fight for cleaner air

document February 13, 2012

Homer City NOI

Press Release February 13, 2012

Sierra Club, Earthjustice To Sue Homer City Generating Station for Air Pollution in Violation of Clean Air Act

Homer City Generating Station, dirtiest power plant in nation, releases unhealthy levels of pollution