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Press Release: Victory July 10, 2012

Ground Broken For Nuclear Plant Pest Irradiator At Safe Location

Facility moved following earlier legal challenge

Press Release: Victory July 9, 2010

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Rejects Environmental Review Of Proposed Fruit and Vegetable Irradiator

NRC staff ordered to analyze non-nuclear technologies, alternate sites

Press Release: Victory August 31, 2009

More Studies Required for Proposed Airport Irradiator

NRC staff ordered to analyze transportation accidents, alternatives

Press Release January 31, 2007

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ignores Threats to Public from Proposed Irradiator at Airport, Experts Warn

Public has opportunity to weigh in at February 1 hearing

Press Release: Victory April 26, 2006

Atomic Safety Board Orders Environmental Review of Proposed Nuclear Irradiator at Honolulu Airport

Concerned citizens secure public input on controversial project

Press Release January 25, 2006

Federal Atomic Safety Board to Hold Hearings on Controversial Irradiation Proposal in Hawai'i

Environmental and disaster review of airport project necessary

Honolulu National Airport is situated only a few feet above sea level.
(Photo courtesy of Ron Reiring)
case: Victory November 9, 2005

Challenging The Honolulu Irradiator

In 2005, Pa`ina Hawai`i proposed building a facility for irradiating fruits and vegetables to kill various pests at the Honolulu airport. Earthjustice and its clients opposed the plant because it was in a tsunami evacuation zone, vulnerable to earthquakes and hurricane storm surge, at risk of airplane crash, and would provide a ready source of…

Press Release October 4, 2005

Concerned Citizens Challenge Nuclear Irradiator at Honolulu Airport

Threats from tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorism not evaluated