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A bison grazes at American Prairie.
(Ami Vitale for Earthjustice)
feature October 7, 2022

How We Helped Bison Make a Huge Comeback

Earthjustice is using the power of the law to restore and recover wildlife — including bison.

document May 28, 2010

Order RE: Pending Motions MT Buffalo

Press Release: Victory May 28, 2010

Court Rejects Stockgrowers' Demand to Haze or Slaughter All Horse Butte Bison

Cattle conflict non-existent

Each spring, bison migrate across the park's western boundary to get to lower elevation foraging areas—including Horse Butte—that provide the earliest new grass each spring.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Peaco / NPS)
case: Victory August 17, 2009

Expanding the Territory for Yellowstone’s Bison

The Montana Stockgrowers Association and two other plaintiffs filed a state court lawsuit seeking to order the capture, hazing, or slaughter of bison (also known as buffalo) by a Montana state agency in the Horse Butte area just outside the west boundary of Yellowstone National Park. In response to recent land management changes that have…

video May 22, 2009

Bison Harassment, Wounded Calf

A video clip shows a baby bison with a broken leg fleeing helicopters and mounted riders. The tragic scene took place in May 2009 on Horse Butte peninsula, as federal and state agents drove park buffalo off spring pastures because of perceived conflict with livestock.

video May 20, 2009

Horse Butte Flyover: Migratory Path of Yellowstone Bison

This short video shows one of the migratory paths that Yellowstone bison take out of the park’s western boundaries into the Gallatin National Forest. They end their journey at lower elevation at the Horse Butte peninsula. It is here the first grasses of spring grow and the bison have their calves. The green and yellow…

Press Release May 15, 2009

Horse Butte Bison Being Hazed

Bison safety on prime spring calving grounds at stake

Press Release August 14, 2008

Horse Butte Residents Seek to Shield Bison from Stockmen Lawsuit

Bison safety on prime spring calving grounds at stake

document March 4, 2008

Letter re: Bison Management on Horse Butte Peninsula

Letter from Earthjustice attorney Timothy Preso requesting state and federal agencies to cease all bison hazing, harassment and slaughter on the Horse Butte Peninsula in Montana.

Press Release March 4, 2008

Yellowstone Area Landowners: Leave The Buffalo Alone

Buffalo Field Campaign and Horse Butte landowners seek increased tolerance for bison in cattle-free zone outside western boundary of Yellowstone National Park