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document July 25, 2013

EPA Letter, TSD Enclosure

EPA strikes down Idaho’s Clean Water Act de minimus program, says not protective enough of Idaho’s most pristine waters

Press Release July 24, 2013

Pristine Idaho Waters Get Protection with EPA Reversal

EPA rejects Idaho’s unacceptably weak water regulations

Idaho’s rivers, lakes and streams support wildlife such as native trout.
(Robert Cicchetti / Shutterstock)
case February 16, 2012

Idaho Clean Water Protections

This case challenged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of weak Idaho state water pollution rules that didn’t adequately protect Idaho’s cleanest rivers, lakes and streams including cold-water streams that support native trout. These are waters that are the cleanest and best suited to support fisheries and recreation. In July 2013 the U.S. Environmental Protection…

Press Release February 14, 2012

Weak Idaho River and Stream Protections Challenged

Regulations allow pollution of pristine waters