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Press Release August 14, 2013

Indiana Power Company Gets Approval To Hike Customer Rates for Its Aging Coal Plants

Decision will cost residents and hold Indianapolis back

Press Release March 19, 2012

Radio Announcements Thank Sen. Sherrod Brown for Defending Kids' Health

Earthjustice-sponsored announcements will run in the state of Ohio for one week

document March 15, 2012

Sen. Brown Thank You

In March 2012, Sen. Sherrod Brown voted to reduce toxic emissions from industrial power plants or boilers. As a result, thousands of children will be protected from hospital visits, severe asthma attacks and even death.

Press Release March 8, 2012

Senate Rejects Stowaway Amendment That Would Cause Thousands of Deaths

Americans remain protected from nation’s second worst toxic polluters

Press Release February 23, 2012

Toxic Air Burden from Industrial Power Plants (Boilers) Revealed

National map provides locations of unregulated pollution sources

Press Release December 19, 2011

Senate Hears from Doctors: Don’t Allow Pollution Riders in Payroll Tax Cut Bill

Longstanding and often ignored, rider on boilers would result in up to 8,100 premature deaths annually

Press Release December 2, 2011

EPA Releases Revised Boiler Air Pollution Standards

Updated standards will save 8,100 lives

Article October 14, 2011

We Said Run the Country, Not Ruin It

Somewhere along the road from their home districts to their offices in Washington, D.C., our Congressional representatives got their wires crossed. The American public sent them forth with a mandate to run the country, but instead, they’re ruining it. Toward the end of September, the House passed the first piece of House Majority Leader Eric…

Press Release October 13, 2011

House Again Votes to Increase Mercury Pollution, Premature Death and Disease

H.R. 2250 promotes waste-burning, lets thousands of polluters escape clean air laws

Article October 4, 2011

In U.S. House, Clean Air is a Dirty Word

Quick! Somebody tell Tipper Gore that “clean air” and “public health” are now considered dirty words. Well, at least in the U.S. House of Representatives. If the House had a swear jar, I’d bet such utterances would be as punishable as your garden variety expletives. Here’s why: The House is voting this week on two…

Press Release September 21, 2011

In Show of Recklessness, House Energy and Commerce Committee Passes Polluter Pardon Bills

Bills excuse cement plants, industrial boilers, and waste-burning plants from pollution safeguards

Press Release July 20, 2011

Bill From Sens. Collins and Wyden to Delay Clean Air Act Protections Creates Permanent Exemption for Industrial Waste Burning

Bill permits uncontrolled industrial waste burning and will lead to thousands of premature, preventable deaths

Press Release June 24, 2011

EPA Delays Boiler Regulations by One Year, Puts Thousands of Lives at Risk

With new timeline for boiler health protections, EPA endangers lives and flouts court’s authority

Article June 24, 2011

Instead of Saving Lives, Obama Chooses Delay

Imagine two tiny figures perched on a politician’s shoulders—one scientific, the other political. The scientist whispers in the politician’s ear: “You can save 6,500 lives every year with these health protections!” The tiny politician counters, “You can save those lives, but who will save you from the powerful industry lobbyists outside your door?” So with…

Press Release June 22, 2011

House Members Introduce Bill That Will Lead to Thousands of Premature Deaths

Effort to undo industrial boiler health standard is bad for the American public

Press Release May 16, 2011

EPA Delaying Air Standards For Boilers

6,500 lives would be lost from breathing in dangerous air

Press Release: Victory February 23, 2011

EPA Issues Final Standard to Protect Americans from Boilers' Toxic Air Pollution

Health protections will modestly reduce dangerous emissions

Article February 23, 2011

Toxic Air Pollution from Industrial Boilers to Get EPA Scrutiny

The EPA, today issued its final standard to protect Americans from the toxic air pollution emitted by industrial facilities like chemical plants, refineries and paper mills