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Article June 11, 2012

Death Valley Wilderness Is Safe

A 6-year legal battle to save some of Death Valley National Park’s wilderness areas from development paid off this week. The national park (biggest in the lower 48) is in Inyo County, California. Inyo County asserted it had legal title to several dirt paths in the park under a Civil War-era federal law intended to…

Press Release: Victory June 6, 2012

Judge Dismisses Inyo County Lawsuit to Open Road in Remote Death Valley Wilderness

County failed to prove obscure, little-used route was a ‘public highway’

Press Release: Victory August 12, 2008

Judge Dismisses Inyo County Suit to Open Roads in Death Valley

County waited too long to press its claims

document June 18, 2007

Order Granting Motion to Intervene in Inyo Quiet Title Case

Order granting motion to interverne in Inyo Quiet Title Act case (06/14/07)

Press Release: Victory June 18, 2007

Judge Lets Conservation Groups Join Death Valley Wilderness Suit

National Park will get support defending against county bulldozing

Last Chance Canyon, in northern Death Valley.
(Photo courtesy of Al Fernandez)
case: Victory January 18, 2007

Defending Roadless Areas in Death Valley National Park

Congress protected the Last Chance Mountains, Greenwater Canyon, and Greenwater Valley as wilderness and added the areas to Death Valley National Park in 1994. Earthjustice intervened in support of the National Park Service to prevent Inyo County from turning little-travelled, rugged trails into maintained highways within this national park, which would disrupt the desert tortoise,…

document January 18, 2007

Last Chance Canyon/Death Valley Map

Map of areas into which Inyo County wants to build roadways — these roadways would incroach on desert wilderness

Press Release January 18, 2007

Groups Fight to Preserve Death Valley National Park

Inyo County seeks to bulldoze highways through park wilderness