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Press Release June 22, 2009

Supreme Court Clears Way for Mining Company to Destroy Alaskan Lake

Decision bodes ill for other American lakes, invites Administrative or Congressional fix

Press Release January 12, 2009

Supreme Court Hears Important Clean Water Act Case Today

Will mining company be allowed to bury lake in wastes?

Article January 12, 2009

Earthjustice Defends Nation's Waterways at Supreme Court

Earthjustice press secretary Raviya Ismail was at today’s (Jan. 12) U.S. Supreme Court hearing on whether the Clean Water Act allows Coeur Alaska’s Kensington Mine to fill Lower Slate Lake in Alaska with mining waste – killing all aquatic life. Earthjustice attorney Tom Waldo argued to protect the lake. The high court decision, expected by…

document January 6, 2009

Lower Slate Lake

Map showing the proximity of Lower Slate Lake to Juneau, Alaska

document December 19, 2008

Kensington CWA Merits SCOTUS

Argument that Kensington Mine, AK waste should not be classified as fill and violates the Clean Water Act.

Press Release June 27, 2008

Supreme Court to Hear Clean Water Act Case

Court decision will clarify whether mining companies may bury clean lakes, rivers and streams with mine tailings

Press Release May 14, 2008

High Court Urged to Uphold Clean Water Act From Mine Challenge

Alaskan mining company seeks permit to destroy lake with mine waste

Press Release: Victory November 2, 2007

Court Refuses To Re-hear Kensington Mine Decision

Clean Water Act preserved as Ninth Circuit protects lake from mine tailings

document May 23, 2007

SEACC v Corps of Engineers Ninth Circuit 2007

Ninth Circuit upholds Clean Water Act

Press Release: Victory May 22, 2007

Appeals Court Upholds Clean Water Law

Mining company proposed to destroy Alaskan lake and eviscerate the Clean Water Act

Press Release: Victory March 17, 2007

National Precedent in Clean Water Act Ruling

Federal court says Army Corps violated Act by letting mine kill Alaska lake

document March 16, 2007

Kensington Mine decision 3/16/07

Federal court says Army Corps violated Act by letting mine kill Alaska lake

document December 11, 2006

Order Denying Coeur's Urgent Motion to Vacate Injunction Pending Appeal (12/8/06)

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the motion of Coeur Alaska, Inc. to vacate the injunction which prevents Coeur from continuing activities regarding construction of a disposal facility at Lower Slate Lake.

Press Release December 4, 2006

Earthjustice Challenges New Interpretation of Law in Alaska Gold Mine Case

Is toxic water allowed by Clean Water Act?

document October 9, 2006

Map of Berners Bay, Alaska

Map showing the location of Berners Bay in Alaska

document August 24, 2006

Kensington Mine Court Order

Court order of 8/24/2006 enjoining US Army Corps, US Forest Service and Coeur Alaska from further construction activities relating to the use of Lower Slate Lake as a disposal site for mine tailings

Press Release: Victory August 24, 2006

Court Stops Destruction of Alaskan Lake by Mining Company

Allows other mining activities to proceed

Aerial photos of Lower Slate Lake before (top photo) and after (bottom photo) the Kensington Gold Mine's dumping of mining waste.
(Top photo courtesy of Irene Alexakos; Bottom photo courtesy of Alaska DEC)
case October 19, 2005

Stopping the Kensington Mine Project

In issuing a permit for a gold mine, the Army Corps of Engineers considered the mine’s chemically processed, toxic mine waste to be “fill material” under the Clean Water Act, bypassing strict EPA limits for this type of pollution. As a result, millions of tons of mine waste will be dumped into a pristine sub-alpine…