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Lake Tahoe, famed for its clarity, is one of the largest and deepest mountain lakes in the United States.
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Press Release May 7, 2014

Conservation Groups Continue to Fight to Protect Lake Tahoe from Development

Groups appeal court decision on Tahoe Regional Plan Update

document October 30, 2013

Tahoe Regional Plan Update Challenge Opening Brief

Plaintiffs’ Opening Brief In Support Of Motion For Summary Judgment

Press Release October 30, 2013

Environmental Groups File Opening Brief Challenging Update to Tahoe Regional Plan

Update strips protections, increasing potential for water and air pollution

Press Release October 14, 2013

CA Governor Signs Bill to Weaken Water Quality Protections for Lake Tahoe

Signature on SB630 signs away 40 years of environmental protections

Article September 9, 2013

Looming Tahoe Deal Is a Bad Deal for the Lake

Any day now, the fate of Lake Tahoe’s famed blue waters could be drastically compromised.

Press Release June 6, 2013

Nevada's Lake Tahoe Planning Legislation Fails to Protect Lake

Valuable environmental protections for the lake may be lost

document February 11, 2013

Tahoe RPU Complaint

Complaint For Declaratory And Injunctive Relief; And Related Pendant State Law Claims

Press Release February 11, 2013

Weakened Environmental Plan for Lake Tahoe Challenged in Court

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency transferred its legal duty of lake protection to local authorities

Press Release December 12, 2012

Lake Tahoe Protections Abandoned by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Local jurisdictions given authority to approve commercial development

Press Release March 1, 2012

Court Orders New Study of Boat Buoys on Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency must examine impact of all illegal buoys already in use

Press Release: Victory September 17, 2010

Federal Judge Blocks Plan for New Piers and Boat Facilities on Lake Tahoe

Decisive victory ensures development plans will be held to high standard

Press Release: Victory September 18, 2009

Federal Judge Halts New Pier and Boat Facility Development on Lake Tahoe

Construction would imperil water and air quality, non-motorized recreation, and public shoreline access

document July 2, 2009

Tahoe PI 7-2-09

Preliminary Injunction filing on Tahoe Shorezone plan.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's new plan to allow the construction of 138 piers would cause more harm to Lake Tahoe's fragile environment.
(Photo courtesy of Beau Rogers)
case December 19, 2008

Keeping Lake Tahoe Blue

Straddling the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and is one of two EPA-designated “Outstanding National Resources Waters” in California. Due to increasing human activities and development, the lake’s famed water clarity, which once measured 100 feet deep, has declined 30% since 1968; summer clarity continues…

document November 21, 2008

Lake Tahoe Shorezone Complaint

Lawsuit in federal district court to force environmental review of a shoreline development plan for Lake Tahoe.

Press Release November 21, 2008

Keep Lake Tahoe a National Gem

Significant development of the Lake Tahoe shoreline threatens lake’s clarity, lawsuit filed