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Press Release May 19, 2011

PA Gas Pipeline Decision Reversed, Project Heads Back For More Hearings, Study

Environment and public health advocates call it a win for the public

Networks of gas pipelines funnel gas from wellheads to homes and businesses.
(Reinhard Tiburzy / Shutterstock)
case January 26, 2011

Preventing Pipelines On Private Property

The northeast United States has been bracing for all out industrialization since the discovery of large gas reserves in the Marcellus Shale. Fracking activities are rising rampantly and a crisscross network of gas pipelines is spreading across the landscape to funnel gas from wellheads to homes and businesses. Industry is eager to exploit its opportunities…

Press Release January 5, 2011

Judge Says Gas Pipeline Firm Should Not be Granted Public Utility Status, Power to Seize Land

Property owners along 24-mile pipeline may be spared eminent domain fight