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Document June 29, 2023

Line 5 Media Backgrounder

A Line 5 backgrounder for reporters with the current status of related legal fights.

The Bad and White rivers flow through the Bad River Reservation and into Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline currently crosses both rivers and threatens the Bad River watershed and reservation. (Jaida Grey Eagle for Earthjustice)
Update June 20, 2023

Court Orders Shutdown of Imperiled Line 5 Pipeline Trespassing on Wisconsin Tribal Land

The pipeline is a few yards from exposure to the Bad River, risking a leak that could spread oil into the Great Lakes.

The Pipe Out Paddle Up Floatilla Against the Line 5 pipeline in Mackinaw City, Michigan, on Sept. 3, 2022. (David Ruck for Earthjustice)
Press Release May 22, 2023

Enbridge’s Line 5 Tunnel Could “Rain Devastation and Destruction” on Great Lakes

Michigan regulators weigh final arguments on oil pipeline project

Document May 19, 2023

Final BMIC Post-Hearing Briefs on MPSC Remand

Two final briefs submitted on behalf of the Bay Mills Indian Community to the Michigan Public Service Commission, wrapping up nearly three years of litigation in a contested case over the proposed Line 5 tunnel project in the Straits of Mackinac.

In the News: Michigan Advance May 11, 2023

As the anniversary of Enbridge’s refusal to shut down Line 5 approaches, groups press Biden admin

Debbie Chizewer, Managing Attorney of the Midwest Regional Office, Earthjustice: “This 70-year-old pipeline is operating a full 20 years past its design lifetime. Line 5 threatens Tribal Nations and violates the State of Michigan’s shutdown order. It’s time to retire Line 5. Every day that oil flows through the pipeline is another day we risk…

Whitney Gravelle, the president of the Bay Mills Indian Community, photographed in Mackinaw City, Michigan, near where the Line 5 pipeline runs under the Straits of Mackinac. (Sarah Rice for Earthjustice)
Article April 20, 2023

What Biden and Trudeau’s Meeting Tells Us About Climate Hypocrisy

If our leaders were serious about tackling climate change and protecting the Great Lakes, shutting down the Line 5 pipeline would be a layup.

Bay Mills Community
(Photo courtesy of Whitney Gravelle)
feature April 14, 2023

One Tribe’s Fight to Protect the Great Lakes

The Bay Mills Indian Community is fighting efforts to extend the life of a dangerous oil pipeline that runs through its tribal territory and one of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems.

In the News: AP News March 23, 2023

Army Corps further delays decision on Great Lakes oil tunnel

Debbie Chizewer, Managing Attorney, Midwest Office, Earthjustice: “It needs to be redone or completely thrown away.”

Press Release February 6, 2023

Enbridge Ignoring Line 5 Explosion Risk, Warn Two Engineers

Michigan Public Service Commission weighs more testimony on the Line 5 tunnel project

Document October 14, 2022

Bay Mills Scoping Comments on Line 5 EIS

Comments submitted by the Bay Mills Indian Community on the US Army Corps’ plan to assess the environmental impacts of the proposed Line 5 tunnel project in the Straits of Mackinac.

Press Release July 7, 2022

Michigan Public Service Commission requests further data regarding Line 5 safety risks

Commission expressed the need for greater insight into risks posed by the existing dual pipelines and the proposed tunnel replacement

Press Release February 18, 2022

Experts Raise Major Environmental and Public Safety Concerns over Line 5 Tunnel Project before Michigan Public Service Commission

The threats this project poses to frontline Tribal communities and increasing greenhouse gas emissions are too serious to justify approval of the Tunnel

In the News: Great Lakes Now January 14, 2022

Enbridge returns to court for Line 5 permit

Christopher Clark, Attorney, Midwest Office, Earthjustice: “In total they’ve filed nine motions to strike testimony from the record, multiple motions directed at testimony submitted by our client the Bay Mills Indian Community, and this is a very disappointing attempt to silence the voice of Tribes before the Michigan Public Service Commission.”

Press Release January 13, 2022

Tribal Voices Sidelined in Line 5 Tunnel Permitting Process

Rulings strike critical testimony of leading tribal experts from Public Service Commission's consideration

In the News: MiBiz January 6, 2022

Pipeline expert testifies that state agency is downplaying Line 5 tunnel explosion risk

Christopher Clark, Attorney, Midwest Office, Earthjustice: “It’s quite disappointing and frustrating that Enbridge has taken such an aggressive position to silence the concerns of the tribes.”

In the News: Peninsula Press October 14, 2021

Indigenous groups demand shut down of Michigan pipeline

Debbie Chizewer, Managing Attorney, Midwest Office, Earthjustice: “It doesn’t make sense for Enbridge to invest half a billion dollars into infrastructure that wouldn’t be needed in 10 years or less, after Michigan transitions away from fossil fuels.”

Press Release September 14, 2021

Coalition of Experts Sound Alarm on Line 5 Pipeline’s Threats to Tribal Interests and Climate Change

Experts stress the most immediate step in addressing the climate crisis is to stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure

A view of Spectacle Lake, Monocle Lake and Lake Superior in Bay Mills, Mich.
 (Whitney Gravelle)
Update August 16, 2021

Oil Giant Enbridge Defies Line 5 Pipeline Shutdown Order, Faces Profit Seizures

Now that Enbridge is operating the Line 5 pipeline illegally, what happens next?