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Press Release August 1, 2013

Federal Court Orders Better Protection of Montana’s Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Victory for cultural and historical sites in an important national monument

Article July 21, 2011

Obama's Monumental No-Show

Late in his administration, Bill Clinton attempted to build a conservation legacy worthy of Teddy Roosevelt by designating more than a dozen national monuments across the West. George W. Bush tried to undo that legacy. And President Barack Obama, to his dis-credit, has allowed the Bush-adopted, monument-undercutting status quo to remain, despite being the "hope-y, change-y"…

The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument covers about 375,000 acres of BLM-administered public land in central Montana.
(Bob Wick / Bureau of Land Management)
case: Victory July 31, 2009

Saving the Missouri Breaks National Monument

President Clinton created the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument in Montana in 2001 to protect wildlife, as well as the spectacular landscapes, archaeological, geological, cultural, historic, and scenic resources within the Monument. Instead of extending to the National Monument the especially protective management to which it is legally entitled, the Bureau of Land Management…

document July 15, 2009

Monument Fact Sheet

document July 15, 2009

Letter from Former RAC Members

Press Release July 15, 2009

Groups Challenge Montana National Monument Plan

Offroad vehicles, backcountry airstrips targeted