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Press Release: Victory November 9, 2021

Conservation Groups Relieved Protections Will Remain for 3.4 Million Acres of Critical Northern Spotted Owl Habitat

Critical habitat rule reverses Trump administration’s dismantling of environmental protections for Northwest old-growth forests

document March 23, 2021

Spotted Owl Complaint

Earthjustice's Northwest office filed a complaint March 23, 2021 to protect more than 3 million acres of northern spotted owl habitat.

Press Release March 23, 2021

Conservation Groups Ask Court to Reinstate Protections on 3.4 Million Acres of Critical Northern Spotted Owl Habitat

Legal action seeks to reverse Trump administration’s dismantling of environmental protections for Northwest’s disappearing old-growth forests

In the News: The New York Times January 13, 2021

Trump Opens Habitat of a Threatened Owl to Timber Harvesting

Kristen Boyles, Attorney, Northwest Office, Earthjustice: “How in the world have they gone from a couple hundred thousand acres to three million acres and it wasn’t announced? That will be a primary focus of any legal challenge, and it will be challenged. There is no question.”

feature November 27, 2013

ESA Advocate: Kristen Boyles' Forests of Feathers

Attorney Kristen Boyles has spent most of her career using the Endangered Species Act to protect species like the murrelet, salmon, and another ancient forest denizen, the northern spotted owl.

Press Release: Victory November 21, 2012

9.6 Million Acres Protected as Critical Habitat for Northern Spotted Owls

Decision reverses controversial Bush Administration cuts to habitat

Press Release April 1, 2009

Hopeful Sign for Spotted Owl, Pacific NW Forests

Government signals openness to strengthening weak habitat and recovery plans

document November 24, 2008

Owl Intervention Motion (11/24/2008)

Intervention motion in Northern Spotted Owl filed 11/24/2008.

document November 24, 2008

Northern Spotted Owl Complaint (11/24/2008)

Complaint in Northern Spotted Owl filed 11/12/2008.

Press Release November 24, 2008

Rebuild Spotted Owl Population and Protect Old-Growth Forests

Effort begun to reverse weak habitat protection and flawed recovery plan in Pacific Northwest

Press Release August 12, 2008

Feds Slash Protections for Owl Habitat

Move is next step in Bush administration strategy to dismantle Northwest Forest Plan

case February 20, 2007

Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat

The Fish and Wildlife Service approved several timber sales in areas nominally protected as critical habitat for the northern spotted owl. Earthjustice sued to stop the sales. In February 2007, the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals ruled that the FWS violated the Endangered Species Act when it approved the sales.

Press Release: Victory February 17, 2007

Court Invalidates Old-Growth Forest Logging

FWS must monitor logging impacts on threatened and endangered species

Press Release September 24, 2004

Northern Spotted Owls Face Uncertain Future

Citing increasing threats, scientists call for owl habitat protection to thwart extinction

Press Release July 1, 2003

Groups Challenge Logging of Spotted Owl Critical Habitat

Thousands of acres of old-growth to be destroyed

feature: Victory May 12, 2002

The Forest and the Trees

Litigation to save the northern spotted owl from extinction slowed the rate of logging dramatically in the nick of time.