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A bison grazes at American Prairie.
(Ami Vitale for Earthjustice)
feature October 7, 2022

How We Helped Bison Make a Huge Comeback

Earthjustice is using the power of the law to restore and recover wildlife — including bison.

document August 4, 2011

Elk Feeding Decision

Opinion from D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

Press Release: Victory August 4, 2011

Court Rules Continuing Supplemental Feeding on the National Elk Refuge Undermines Conservation

Harmful practice of winter feeding leads to overcrowding and diseases

case July 1, 2008

Protecting Healthy Elk & Bison in Wyoming

Each winter, the federal government feeds approximately 8,000 elk and 900 bison, or buffalo, on the 24,700-acre Jackson Hole National Elk Refuge in northwest Wyoming. This winter feeding program began in 1910 after growing human development in the Jackson Hole region intruded on winter ranges for native wildlife, and has continued ever since. Now, however, it has…