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Document December 5, 2017

Final Order: Contested Issues in Puget Sound Energy Rate Case

Final Order Rejecting Tariff Sheets; Approving and Adopting Settlement Stipulation; Resolving Contested Issues; and Authorizing and Requiring Compliance Filing

Document December 5, 2017

Settlement: Contested Issues in Puget Sound Energy Rate Case

Multiparty Settlement Stipulation and Agreement

Because utility profits are often tied to how much power is sold, most utilities have a financial disincentive to save energy.
case June 26, 2013

Paving The Way For Increased Energy Efficiency In Washington State

The utilities that supply electricity to consumers typically have a financial disincentive to be energy efficient. They get paid based on how much power they sell, so if they sell less power by increasing energy efficiency, profits drop. Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is one such utility. Earthjustice took legal action to “decouple” its profits from…

Document June 26, 2013

PSE Decoupling Final Order

Press Release: Victory June 26, 2013

Negotiations Net Big Wins for Energy Efficiency, Coal Plant Closure and Low-Income Assistance

Washington regulators approve innovative rate-making mechanisms for Puget Sound Energy