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document November 17, 2016

Background on the Roan Plateau

As part of the “drill, baby, drill” strategy employed by the George W. Bush administration from 2000 to 2008, the president issued an executive order to “expedite energy-related projects” by limiting protections for wildlife and natural resources, and fast-tracking leasing on public lands.

The valley below the Roan Plateau is dotted by oil and gas development.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
Press Release November 17, 2016

Federal Plan Will Protect Roan Plateau From Oil And Gas Drilling

15-year campaign saves one of most biologically rich landscapes in Colorado

document November 21, 2014

Fact Sheet: Roan Plateau Settlement

Colorado Conservation Organizations Applaud Roan Plateau Settlement

document November 21, 2014

Map: Roan Plateau

Colorado Conservation Organizations Applaud Roan Plateau Settlement

The valley below the Roan Plateau is dotted by oil and gas development.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
Press Release: Victory November 21, 2014

Colorado Conservation Organizations Applaud Roan Plateau Settlement

The plateau is a stronghold for wildlife, rare plants, and some of Colorado’s last pristine wildlands

document August 5, 2013

Roan Tiering Settlement Agreement

Press Release August 5, 2013

BLM to Examine Air Pollution Before Approving New Oil & Gas Wells in Western Colorado

Litigation settlement also requires greater transparency in permit review

Article April 26, 2013

Driller Seeks to Overturn Roan Plateau Victory

The Roan Plateau stands proudly above the Colorado River, an island of refuge in the sea of energy development that threatens to industrialize much of western Colorado.

document April 22, 2013

Roan Plateau Response Brief

Press Release April 22, 2013

Groups Take Action in Court to Defend the Roan Plateau

Countering efforts of oil and gas company to develop unique landscape

Press Release August 24, 2012

BLM Sends Three Colorado Drilling Projects Back to the Drawing Board

Declines to review 30 additional projects that suffer from the same flaw

Article June 27, 2012

Valuing Colorado’s Roan Plateau

How much are oil and natural gas worth? I’m not asking how much a barrel of sweet crude is going for these days or what your gas bill from the utility company was last month. The real question isn’t how much fossil fuels cost in terms of dollars, but rather, what is worth sacrificing in…

document June 25, 2012

Roan Plateau Ruling

Press Release: Victory June 25, 2012

Court Strikes Down Bush Administration BLM Plan to Drill on Roan Plateau

55,000 acres of Colorado pristine land protected for now

Press Release October 26, 2010

Roan Plateau Talks End

Conservation groups issue statement

Winter at the Roan Plateau in Colorado.
(Photo courtesy of SkyTruth)
case July 14, 2008

Defending the Roan Plateau from Oil and Gas Drilling

Colorado’s Roan Plateau is a bastion of biological diversity. Within tens of thousands of acres of wilderness quality lands reside genetically pure strains of cutthroat trout, the state’s greatest herds of mule deer and elk, and a stunning array of sensitive and rare plants. The Colorado Natural Heritage Program ranks the Roan Plateau as one…

Press Release July 11, 2008

BLM'S Roan Plan Violates Federal Law, Groups Say

Agency’s failure to take a hard look at drilling impacts lands it in court