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document April 15, 2021

Rock Creek Mine 131 Opinion and ORDER

Rock Creek Mine 131 opinion and order.

Rock Creek
(U.S. Forest Service)
Press Release September 6, 2016

Coalition Challenges Water Right Permit for Rock Creek Mine That Would Drain Wilderness Streams

Proposed mine would drain water from nearby streams endangering wildlife

Press Release: Victory March 29, 2010

Court Rejects Rock Creek Mine In Northwest Montana

Grizzly bear, bull trout habitat at stake

A bull trout in British Columbia’s Wigwam River drainage, the headwaters of the Kootenai River, known as the “crown jewel” of bull trout spawning areas.
(Joel Sartore / National Geographic & Wade Fredenberg / USFWS)
case March 3, 2008

Protecting Wildlife from the Rock Creek Mine

The proposed Rock Creek Mine project in northwest Montana would be located adjacent to and literally under the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area in the Kootenai National Forest. The copper and silver mine’s location is in a sensitive portion of grizzly bear habitat, and construction would add sediment to local waters, which would smother bull trout…

document March 3, 2008

Rock Creek Mine Complaint (02/29/08)

Complaint in suit challenging the Fish and Wildlife Service's approval of the Rock Creek Mine in northwest Montana.

Press Release March 3, 2008

Conservationists Challenge Federal Approvals of Rock Creek Mine Plan

Suits aim to protect grizzly bears and bull trout