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Press Release: Victory October 4, 2012

Russian River Gravel Mining Settlement Lessens Environmental Damage

Agreement requires strict scientific oversight

The Russian River was once a world-famous fishing river for salmon and steelhead, but today precious little habitat remains for these fish, and they are at risk of extinction.
(Photo courtesy of Ingrid Taylar)
case January 12, 2011

Challenging The Russian River Gravel Mining Plan

In December 2010, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors authorized the Syar Industries to extract up to 350,000 tons of gravel from a 6.5 mile stretch of the Russian River every year, for a period of 15 years. The county’s own analysis concluded that the river can only naturally replenish about 181,000 tons of gravel…

document January 6, 2011

Russian River Gravel Mining Petition

Press Release January 6, 2011

Damaging Russian River Gravel Mining Plan Challenged

Environmental, fish conservation groups warn massive gravel removal will harm wildlife and property owners